Win any affiliate contestOne of the easiest ways to brand Yourself as a leader in our competitive industry, is by winning or placing in an affiliate promotion. Here are some of the immediate benefits.


When one of the leaders in our industry holds an affiliate contests,You can be very certain, that there are always big name marketers promoting that particular program or tool.


What are the main Benefits?

For starters the top marketers have huge lists, massive followings and they keep company with other big name marketers. What does that mean for You? Massive Exposure and social recognition. Whenever You win or place in an affiliate contest,You get the obvious right off the bat, a nice chunk of change, You win prizes or both.


OH it gets even better! The marketer holding the contest is always going to blast out the results to his entire list of followers, ( That’s Huge!) You are instantly recognized as someone who knows what they are doing, therefor You solidify Your credibility as someone who can help others succeed.  Remember, the social proof is in the pudding.


So how do You do it? Am glad You asked

At the time of writing this post. I recently won an IPad2 for generating multiple sales for the “Lets Get Social manager course.”


The commissions were nice and all but even better was that fact that I got the recognition for My efforts. I must admit I didn’t even know I was in a contest until it was all over.


Aw well, unlucky Me right? Now Am going to show You exactly how I did it and how You can start winning more affiliate contests too. First, I went keyword shopping.


I needed to get niche specific. I have to say, I could have done a better job, because the keyword I picked was best mlm companies , not very specific to what I was offering but My loss, Your gain. I should have chosen something like “best social media jobs.”


I could have also tried “make money updating facebook profiles” Now those keywords would be more niche specific but I don’t know how much traffic they get. What good is ranking for a keyword that gets no traffic right? It would be a waste of time.


So I went and pulled out one of My favorite and most lethal weapons, Market Samurai. Simply put, if Your marketing online with free content or ppc, and You don’t have this thing in Your arsenal, Forget about it, You will be destroyed! Here’s a quick demo.


Time to Pull out the Big Guns and tear the search engines a new one!

After I found the keyword I wanted at that time, (remember, don’t make the same mistake I did, make sure Your keyword is more niche relevant) it was time to get this content out to as much people and as fast as possible. Time to pull out another bad boy.


My Article Marketing Robot , this thing does some crazy outstanding stuff , it will spin and submit Your content to over 2000 directories with one click of a button. I have tried other submitters like the automatic article submitter and it doesn’t even come close.


I didn’t do any other type of marketing and because I didn’t know I was in a contest in the first place, I didn’t even blast it to My list. All I used was Market Samurai to find the keyword, wrote a blog post and submitted it with the Article Robot.


Here are the Results of the Contest…


Question, Comments or anything You would like to add, The comment section below is all Yours. If You would like more strategies like the one in this article, Feel free to Grab a Copy of My Viral Content Super Nova in the top right hand of this blog.


See you at the Top!


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6 Responses to “How To Win any Affiliate Contest & gain instant recognition”

  1. Awesome post man. I wish all network marketers would have the opportunity to read this. Thanks, Floyd Albarado
    Floyd Albarado recently posted..The Top 10 DOs and DON’Ts of Network Marketing Prospecting

  2. Hey hows it going Floyd? Thanks for the kudos My friend, drop by anytime and You take care champ.

  3. Stuart says:

    Nice work Bro!! I loved the intro with the transformers effect sic!

  4. Hey Stuart what’s up? Thanks man, I Am going to skype You in a bit

  5. Very Nice post.I will surely try an affiliate contest and i hope it provide me the instant recognition and success for a nice starting platform.
    Shivam Garg recently posted..75 Off DollarDays Discounts Codes

  6. Hi Shivam, Yeah I love affiliate contest, You can even sometime trade in Your prize for cash if You like. thanks for stopping by mate

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