Unlimited Free traffic

What if You could get all the free traffic You could ever want? Do You think You could make some sales? You betcha!

Today I Am going to show You one of My favorite Free Strategies. This technique generates an unlimited supply of free traffic & leads using Video.

For anyone trying to build a profitable business online, You must have a steady flow of traffic to Your sites. If You are on a tight budget, You want to pay close attention, because this free strategy works better than some paid marketing I’ve tried.

Are You ready for more free leads than You know what to do with?

Note: If You don’t feel like watching My opening sketch comic clip, You can fast forward the video to 1:18 for the strategy.

P.S. People often ask Me where did I learned all this stuff.  I  learned from MLM Lead System Pro. It cost $29.97 for a 30 day trial, which is already a steal, but I give away Free trials, because I know how it will change Your life, as it did Mine.

If  You would like a free trial, send Me a private message on Facebook, or send an email to support@mlm-gamechangers.com for details.

( Subject line: I would like  a Free trial Jonathan!)

See you at the Top!


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23 Responses to “How To Get Endless Free Traffic to Your Sites all Day Long (Video)”

  1. The Traffic Question Again, This question arises alot and it always has alot of factors to the site,product,niche you are looking to promote as consistent partisipation in groups and community will bring steady flows of traffic and forums is a great way to bring this traffic as you can have links in your signature and can be changed any time so the more you partispate in them the more your signature is seen.

    With forums you can search for a niche/topic/area and partisipate and after a few months of posting the traffic will build up.

    Having a backlink strategy always helps as there is no piont going all out today getting 20 backlinks and non for the next week or so and this will build authority for you aswell have a game plan on every part of backlinks/seo and promotion even if this means getting more domains then so be it.

    Try and find a opening in google for your related niche or topic where as there are searchers with less competition as this will bring a steady flow of traffic on its own as you get to the front page of google **via buying the domain that represents the keyword with searches exactly and optimizing your title/description/keywords so less backlinks are needed for this tactic.

    A great example is my link I have left here Article Spinner Free
    gets over 1500 searches a month and has less direct competition so with little or no work over the next few month,
    I could rank very high.

    Thanks For Reading
    Albert F A Matthews

  2. Al says:

    great job as always brother. people need to learn there are definitely different ways to get this paper online.. cheers!

  3. wow only the best stuff,,, Jon you are great I tell you, just great……keep going brother….thx

  4. Hey T, thanks for those kind words and Am happy to tell You that You will always be My first marketing question of the day, no matter how many I get in the future.

  5. Thank You for that great tip Albert, You know Your stuff

  6. Thank You AL , Originality is a big key in becoming a followable character,
    thanks for hitting Me up bro…

  7. Thanks Jonathan, Thats only a little tactic you can put into play over time and you asked for a comment on the subject so I gave you one brother.

  8. Hey Jonathan,

    I loved the video! Even the spammer part. 😉 haha

    There you go giving away the money tips again. If people really take what you just showed here, and apply it… what an impact that could have on business.

    Thanks for once again combining incredible value with classic entertainment, for another great video.

    Susanna Hess recently posted..Unraveling the Truth Behind Maria Andros’ Video Contest – Part 2

  9. Susanna Your comments are better than some posts I read. I just love watching You work, I Am a fan… Its always a pleasure to have You stop by

  10. Mavis Nong says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    My first time here… Wow, I’m impressed! Great blog, packed with valuable content.

    I really enjoyed this video and the tips you are sharing here are priceless.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong
    Mavis Nong recently posted..Focused Magnetic Energy Attraction Marketing Success

  11. Thank You Mavis and after visiting Your blog, that means allot. I will definitely be back to visit You. Stop by anytime.

  12. Tech says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  13. I appreciate the kudos, I Am very happy that I could help You, if You have any further question, hit the contact tab and give Me a call.

  14. Hey Jonathon,

    I have to give you much props on this video. I never seen anything like it. I had to laugh at the spammer spoof you did because it happened to me lol

    Anyways, you adding a lot of value to this post and no one, if applied, no one can’t go wrong with it. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Sherman Smith recently posted..Are You Doing What Works Or What Duplicates

  15. Thanks Sherman, I appreciate that man. Its always good to have all You talented bloggers drop by and say whats up…

  16. Hi Jonathan,

    A super creative video and means to generate free leads. Thanks for sharing with us.

    It makes sense to be abreast of the latest trends. When it’s hot, get all over it. Also, reviews always rank well in search engines. An effective combination of strategies here.

    Great spammer bit BTW 😉

    Have a powerful day!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..5 Uber Clever Ways to Advertise Your Home Based Opportunity

  17. Hi Ryan whats up champ? I always try to be a little different while sharing value, I appreciate the kudos , take care.

  18. Jonathan,

    Great video, loved it.

    This is a great strategy and I have to definitely implement this into my marketing plan.

    Free traffic is always a good thing.

    Tommy D.
    Tommy DiPietro recently posted..How To Get Your Work At Home Business Booming In 2011

  19. J.

    The video – Great
    The tips – Priceless
    The value – Awesome

    Conclusion – A great, priceless, awesome blog post.

    Chat soon
    Dwayne Huggins recently posted..How To Grow Your Blogs Email List Effectively

  20. Hey what’s going on big D? I appreciate the kind words man, You guys keep dropping that good stuff and lets all make it a good one.

    Take care.

  21. Hey thanks Tommy, I like the new group by the way, I think it’s a new level of sharing possibilities for Us networking bloggers.

    Talk to You soon.

  22. Hey jonathan,

    What a cool video man, got me attracted into it :)great tip!

    Great way for people sharing their traffic strategies here. I am still learning everyday

    I did mlm in the past but did not have a good sponsor to help me out.

    So while i was struggling for traffic, I stumbled on a software that created eyeballs on my site fast and send them a message on autopilot.

    I don’t like to be electrocuted by you, so I won’t spam with an affiliate link in this post

    The software is for myspace and is called myspacefriendblasterpro

    I joined several groups on myspace about mlm, affiliate marketing etc. and selected all the members and the software did all the work.

    Send a comment, a welcome message with your squeezepage in it.



  23. Thanks for the koodos Erwin, as far as Myspace goes, people still go there? 😮

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