I hear this question all the time. Which free lead strategies get You the fastest results?


Some people might say articles, others may say video but I say… Paid strategies.



Let Me Explain…

Don’t get Me wrong, I do My fair share of free advertising, however all My efforts were taken to a whole new level, once I began to mix free strategies with Paid ones. I  briefly studied a few “easy to learn techniques”, like tracking and analytics, To make Me a more efficient paid marketer but don’t let that stop You, just do it, You might be surprised.


The beauty of paid strategies are, they too can be free, even profitable. Once You make 1  cent more than You spend, You are in profit. An example of this is, if You do  a simple online ad promoting magnetic sponsoring . Lets say You pay $50 for the advert and You generate 3 sales at $39.95, which is the cost of the course. You will make $20 per sale.


Lets Do the Math

Promotion Product Cost = $39.95

Advertisement  Cost = $50

Commission payout = $20

Sales Generated = 3x $20= $60

Minus the Ad cost $50 = $10


Not only is Your advertising cost free but You’re also in profit. Now I know what You’re saying, “duh right”? Especially My advanced marketing buddies, You know that right? but there’s more. I will show You one of My favorite ways to do this quickly this week.


Quick Mini case study $550 with 3 minutes of work



See you at the Top!


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39 Responses to “Give Me Free MLM Leads Online or Give Me Death?”

  1. Great post Johnathan. I have made a nice check from magnetic sponsoring and other products.
    Keysha Bass recently posted..Can I really build my business on a low budget

  2. Hey Keysha hows it going? Mike’s stuff is easy to market ain’t it Lol. He does all the work and We get the credit.

    Always good to see a pretty face.

  3. You Can really make some good money with Mike,Johnathan! This post is awesome bro. Makes me want to go on write up a article on Mike and his products. Thanks a Million for sharing.

  4. I know right? Mike really knows how to get it done, You keep doing what You do and the sky is the limit, take care buddy

  5. Hey Jonathan,

    I love the video! You did an outstanding job with it. (You always do!)

    There are so many ways to market and your demonstration is perfect for really opening our eyes to this avenue.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Susanna Hess recently posted..That MLM Beat Video – Enter- Vote- Comment More Traffic For Everyone

  6. Hey Susie thank You for those kind words. Its because I have such a marvelous circle with people like You all around Me. Am always motivated by that fact. Thank You for Your support.

  7. Hey Jonathan,

    I always enjoy your videos but then you know this! As for Mike’s materials – quality, reliable and necessary for any marketer to have. Well said.

    Marcus Baker recently posted..Skittle Your way to Success With Your Network Marketing Internet Business

  8. Hey Marcus, good to see You big guy. I think its safe to say We are all in a good loop.

  9. Hey Jonathan,

    Dude, this video rocks! You are the master when it comes to video. I’m going to tell you that there are so many cool ways of making money just like you did. I’m right now, loving Facebook to make money with CPA offers.

    I want to chat with you…I’m going to send you a PM on facebook. Keep up the great work my friend!

    Chat with you later…
    Josh Garcia recently posted..Is There an Advantage to Using Trackbacks

  10. Well I don’t know about the master, but I really appreciate that Josh. As far as Us getting together, sure man whenever is cool, glad You stopped by bro…

  11. Anthony D says:

    Great post mate.

  12. Good stuff, thanks for posting. I was actually looking for something else and this site came up lol. Oh well, 2 minutes of my life gone! Totally worth it though!

  13. Only want to say your article is as tonishing. The lucidity in your post is simply striking and i can assume you are an expert on this field. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with incoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the a uthentic work.

  14. I really appreciate those kind words Marita, Am happy I could provide You with some acceptable information…

  15. Am glad You liked it Juliane, I hope You soon find what You were really looking for, thanks for stopping by

  16. Hey Jonathan,
    I agree man…as soon as I finally started using paid traffic, I saw immediate results. Great stuff man!

    Cartoon Blog recently posted..Tony Parker Cartoon

  17. You said it bro, I know thats right… I wish I had when I first started but better late than never. Take care bro

  18. Hello Jonathan. I love this particular video of yours and have watched it numerous times. I get lost at the point in the video when you start cutting and pasting your article and transferring the information to the “Solo-Ads” paid lead page. Can you recommend another video of yours that explains how to create an ad. I understand that if the created ad page does not include certain Google adwords, it will be spammed and you cautioned against getting spammed by Google. Jonathan, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and your free spirit and your willingness to help us novices. You deserve the best.

  19. Thank You for those kind words Sonja, I will contact You personally and explain it to You.

  20. Good Content Jonathan!
    Shelley Alexis recently posted..8 Tips of Getting Traffic to Your Blog

  21. John says:

    Hello! Excellent article! I’m also a usual visitor to your site (far like addict :P) on your website though I had a difficulty. I’m not actually sure if its the right web site to ask, but you have no spam comments. I recieve comments constantly. Are you going to you help me? Thanks for your insight.

  22. Thank You for Your kind words, Spam upsets Me but it can’t touch Me, Just download the akismet plugin and You will be fine.

  23. Zelma Rosenbloom says:

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for this Post.

  24. Terry says:

    Wow, this is a very fun video to watch . Have you ever considered submitting articles to magazines?

  25. That’s a great idea , I have to keep that in mind, thanks for stopping by.

  26. Henny says:

    Do you always delete negative comments Constipated people don’t give a crap…

  27. Agnus says:

    Well I definitely enjoyed reading this. This tip procured by you is very helpful for proper marketing.

  28. Teela says:

    Hi thanks for the reading, It was sweet to finally read a good article that actually makes sense. I will be back for sure to read some more. Great research

  29. Phil says:

    Nice post. thanks Jonathan

  30. Cristine Schissel says:

    I have been checking out some of your posts and I gotta say, they’re pretty good.

  31. Thanks a bunch Chris, Am glad You liked My content, stop by anytime.

  32. Keep up this good work. Excellent post

  33. Douglas says:

    Great post Johnathan.

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