If you wanna make money in the Bahamas, you have to do one of the following. Work a regular job and make another man rich, or become your own boss and write your own paycheck. All the other alternatives that come to mind are either illegal or involves luck.


Think about this scenario, you work from 9-5 or whatever your shift is. You get up early in the morning or late at night, leaving the comfort of your warm bed or your loved one’s arms. You begin your beloved job for the remainder of your shift, praying that the night or day would soon end, then it hits you. You have to do it all over again tomorrow.


Now ain’t that a kick in the a.. So what is one to do? How else can one make money in the Bahamas? You have no other choice, either you join the ranks of the elite 1% of the earth, or you continue on the same dead end path. Lets review another possible scenario.


You find out your child has a rare heart condition (GOD forbid) and needs a $100,000  operation within the next few days or they might… well you know. What do you do in that situation? How do you get that kind of money in that small window of time?  How can you make enough money in the Bahamas to do it?  Can you do it?


Allot of people don’t think about those deep possibilities, so lets think of some smaller ones. Your light, water, and cable bill always has a balance attached to it. This may not be you but some people pay thousands of dollars a year on late fees. Think about every time you left a balance of $30 0r $60 on a bill. Automatically an extra $5 -$10 is added.


Now imagine doing that with every bill for one full year, that’s a small fortune right there. Now think about this final scenario. You can sleep till you are done sleeping. Purchase any and everything your heart desires. Take as long a vacation as you want, and never have to look at a price tag again. I don’t know about you but I like that one.


I think you get the point, it doesn’t matter if you want to make money in Freeport Bahamas or if you rather make money in Nassau Bahamas. Its all about when you want to begin making your dreams a reality. So if you’re tired of living a life of mediocrity, just click on the link below and change the game!

Click Here to Make all Your Money Problems  Disappear!



To Your Success,





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9 Responses to “Bahamas money, under cover method to make money in the Bahamas”

  1. Theresa Pinder says:

    Please provide proof that this works and the cost as I am at my last dime and I do not want to loose money that I really cannot afford.

  2. Hi Theresa, I am sorry I am just getting back with you, but I will be happy to set up a time where we can have a talk on the phone and I can give you all the details.

  3. sydney bennett says:

    Im doing a research for my teacher on Bahamas and no web site I have went to yet has told me any of the information I want (need) to know so I can do this paper! Can anyone please help me? Thank you~sydney

  4. kenson Joseph says:

    So what kind of jobs do you provide?

  5. Not jobs Kenson, opportunities to make income on Your own terms by becoming Your own boss

  6. Shanara Grant says:

    I want to set up, but i would like o speak with you first!

  7. Javano Musgrove says:

    What all is needed from me to start this opportunity and how come you don’t make this public so that everyone can know what your about? I would like to be apart of this because I just had a son and I need the extra cash but I just needed to know what’s this about and what all is required.

  8. Michaela says:

    I would like find out more information about your business. Is there a number I can contact you from to discuss?

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