Relationship building and trust is the name of the game, when marketing online. Sadly, it seems as though most people continue to hide behind their computers. Maybe its fear, who knows.


What I do know, is that conversion rates increase drastically, when You contact with prospects on a  live and  interactive platform.


We all just get more emotional at live events and feel more connected with whats going on. Matter of fact, more sales are created during a high level of emotion, than any other time, excitement creates sales. Social proof works beautifully, when combined with emotion. This is why I love webinars and the teleseminar, because they just work.


Webinars are more visual but a newbie might find it a bit technical to set up. On the other hand, if You can dial a phone number and press the record button, then a teleseminar is all You need. As simple as the host greeting each new attendee.


” State Your name and where You’re calling from” , that is more interactive and personal, then an email could ever be. Teleseminars also build  credibility, whomever You rub shoulders with, says allot about who You are and where You’re headed.


I once heard that Your income, will be the average of Your 5 closest friends, if this is true, then maybe You need a new set of friends. (Am just saying) Here is a technique, that any marketer can take advantage of, to build social credibility and make instant sales. Everyone on earth is on facebook, so first, do a search for an industry leader.


Ask them if they could spare some time out of their busy schedule, to do an interview with You, it could be a Q&A, or a product call. Complete the interview, post it to Your blog or platform of choice and just share the value with others.  Heres  a simple (Teleseminar set up Demo Video)   and an example of what You can do with the file.


NOTEThe video has 4 parts and they will play in succession one after the other. (please bare with My voice in this recording)



See you at the Top!



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30 Responses to “Better than Email Marketing!? Instant Teleseminar Secrets Exposed.”

  1. Hey Jonathan,
    What about the training call or webinar that teaches about email marketing? I've said it before the only thing that beats connecting with people on those calls is being in the same room at live events. Thanks.

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    Thanks for the interview with Daegan. Big time value. I look forward to learning more and growing with you.

  3. No problem Justin , always happy to share with You guys.

  4. Hey J

    This is a nail which you just hit firmly on its head! (people do not overlook the power of this strategy!)

    Nice one for bringing us more of the man himself Daegan Smith.


  5. No doubt Dwayne but this is a co-inky-dink , I was just on my way to say whats up to You and Your crew Lol

  6. Hey Jonathan,

    Good point about teleseminars, I can see why it works so well. As for getting Daegan on the call – Thats impressive, what a solid marketer!

    Thanks for this.

    Wayne Vassell, signing out…

  7. Daegan is a real down to earth kinda guy and it did help that I won one of his affiliate Contest Lol, but I have fallen in love with the teleseminar budd.

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  9. Great info and informative interview with Daegan. Teleseminar is a powerful tool!

  10. marcusbaker says:


    Teleseminars – fantastic idea! Daegan Smith interview – awesome value my friend. Well done. I love how he says you got to love what you do. When I speak to people who are struggling with their business I always ask them if they love what they do. If they even hesitate before they answer I know the game is over for them.


  11. Hey Jonathan,

    Sweet interview with Daegan! Teleseminars are a really great way to get information out, as well as position yourself just where you want to be.

    Thanks for sharing it here!

  12. Not to mention easy to set up, it takes little effort which is why I love em,

    Good to see You Cara.

  13. You gotta be passionate in what You do , Like He said, if You can do something for hours and don't feel the time go by…

  14. Thanks Susie, and that last post You did about everyone's ( whats working now techniques) Genius!

  15. steveshoemaker says:

    Nice Jonathan this is a overlooked tool that could be very powerful and enables people to use that personal touch with many people at once and your right without all the technical hassle of an webinar.

    Steve Shoemaker

  16. Call Me a bit lazy but I like it nice and simple, the easier the better Big Steve

  17. mariaeves says:

    What a great interview with the man himself. Daegan Smith is A POWERFUL person in this industry. Great leader!

    Hes so right the knowledge base is to help others first.
    Great recording!

    Your full of surprises my friend. Thumbs UP!

    Maria Eves

  18. I always like that part of the teleseminar.

    It gives you the moment to say, “Hey, this is me!” People really do like to be heard. This way anyone has a chance.

    Plus not to mention how it allows people to feel like they are a part of the process. They are more likely to take action.

    Well said.

    Have an awesome day,
    Jerome Ratliff

  19. Jerome You don't miss anything Man Lol… Couldn't have said it better Myself bud.

  20. Hey Maria, its always a pleasure to have You drop by… thanks for those kind words.

  21. Great article Jonathan! Love it! Being a former Director of Sales/Marketing of an MLM…most of my experience is offline. While the internet can be vital to the success one sees…there is a lot to be said for a personal relationship with your prospect/team!

    Thank you for making this point with teleseminar. Tremendous tool.

    Have a prosperous day!

    Tragena Owen

  22. Nice job Jonathan!

    Very impressive with Daegan Smith. I see you are providing plenty of
    value. Keep it up!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Tommy D.

  23. You betcha Tom, and You do the same…. I see You killing it with Your content.

  24. Hello Jonathan, you're providing great value with this post. The teleseminar has been a staple of network marketing for a long time, and is still effective today. Combining the teleseminar with an interview of a well know achiever in the market is a great way to create content that is valuable and can be shared.

    Well done Jonathan!

    Have a great weekend


  25. Thanks for the kind words James and thanks for stopping by, I will hit You up on facebook, gotta ask You something.

  26. Thank You Tragena, I Am going to hunt You down on facebook so we can chat some more.

  27. shermansmith says:

    Hi Jonathon,

    Teleseminars are another great option to provide value and to build your business. Thanks for sharing.


  28. Hey No problem Sherman… Hows it going big guy?

  29. I never paid attention to teleseminars. And I never used them. Can anyone share their success? I heard it’s good, but what are the numbers (statistics) of how much it is effective?

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