If you want to build a successful network marketing business online, the last place you want to start is by trying to recruit your friends and family. They may seem like the easiest people to talk to and you might be right, but here’s the problem, they are not your target market. Imagine hiring a pilot with no flying experience, not a bright idea right?

Experienced network marketers are the very best prospects to target. It doesn’t matter if they are not top marketers, they still understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. So your top priority should be to learn how to sponsor network marketers. I am going to show you a method that explains one of the best ways to achieve this.

The way to do this is to provide valuable information that will help their team to succeed in ways they don’t know about. You may ask, “how in the world will I do that?” but stay with me, I got you covered on the answer. Most likely that top marketer built his/her business the old way, so what do you do? Provide a new way “ahhh.”

You may or may not have heard of a little course known as magnetic sponsoring it teaches the art of attraction marketing, the ability to attract prospects to you without having to chase them or get rejected ever. Now imagine what would happen if that leader’s team got their hands on that? Needless to say recruiting activity would go through the roof. Your goal is to provide that info and become their new hero, “ahhh”

Now whatever you do, don’t just give them a link to the course, because then they won’t need you. You want to acquire the knowledge first then relay the message so you position yourself as the leader, other wise the creator of the course would get the credit and attention.. make sense? Great, your on your way, now here’s the juicy part.

The Big Cahoona will soon catch wind of this and will want to know where this superb idea came from. Now can you guess who comes out smelling like a rose? “AHHH!!” Remember the authority figure always rules, so because you now know something the leader doesn’t, he wants to know you now. I hate this phrase, its so played out but aw well, now this is where the magic happenes. The big chief wants rub elbows with you.

Now as your relationship with that leader gets stronger and you become friends, when ever a great opportunity comes your way, you introduce it to your friend, who just happens to be the man himself. Can I get a amen?

However, none of this is possible if you don’t acquire the knowledge first. So if you’re ready to sponsor network marketers then Click Here and Change The Game!

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