What if you knew what your prospect was going to do, even before they knew it? Do you think you could do some major damage in the lead generation department? You betcha!!

Today I am going to show you how to use  the purchase cycle to your advantage. I was a bit on the fence about dropping this information, because it is day 3 of my attraction marketing crash course for my list, but aw well, “share the wealth”.  Once you understand the psychology of how a potential buyer thinks, the sky is the limit. I am going to break this training up into 2 parts.

Part 1 is the purchase cycle explained

Part 2 is The Purchase Cycle in Action

Tip Of The Day You can use the purchasing cycle to target any niche or item. Just sign up for free affiliate programs and use this method to create lead booby traps for every program.

See you at the Top!


P.S. For a 30 trial of the exact attraction marketing system I used  in this video to target any company, and dominate any niche, push the button. For a limited time get over $1700 in free bonuses (Included)                                                                                 

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    19 Responses to “How to use the Purchase Cycle , to read Prospect’s Minds & Set lead Booby Traps”

    1. steveshoemaker says:

      Great videos Jonathan while these are a little more tame than the last great content and advice.

      Steve Shoemaker

    2. Yeah you're right big Steve , I mix it up once and a while.

    3. mariaeves says:

      Accurate in that mindset map Johnathon! Great videos very creative content my friend.
      oops gotta go webinar is on. catch up soon….

    4. Hey Jonathan,

      Those are really great videos and tips. I love how you laid it all out there like that.

      Very well done!

    5. Thanks Maria, now You go get you some webinar miss market.

    6. Hanging with You guys something has to rub off Lol…

      Thanks Susie

    7. Clear and simple training, the best kind there is Jonathan – great videos well done!


      ~Marcus Baker~
      Attraction Marketing Specialist

    8. You bet Lisa and You do the same cause your content is stellar.

    9. Ilka Flood says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Love that hair 🙂

      Interesting videos! Short, clear and to the point. It's long been said that you have to THINK like your prospects … or customers too for that matter.

      Great stuff!

      Make it an awesome day!


    10. That some hair right? Thanks for stopping by Ilka and I will be over by your house again soon, take care.

    11. Jonathan,

      How the heck were you able to write words in paint like that???

      Anyways, love the videos. You really know how to lay it all out for your readers(viewers) to truly learn what they need to do, how they need to do it, and why they need to do it. Not to mention the proof.

      Jordan Schultz
      ~Social-Media Specialist~

    12. You're too kind Jordan, “that scribble” ? Lol

      Thanks man, You guys rock!

    13. I know, but the fact that you attempted to write with that was amazing to me. I can barely write with an actual pen or pencil. I”m a little reliant on my keyboard for that fact alone.

    14. You know what though Jordan? I have seen some cool tools I think am going to check out, like the pen mouse, that should make the writing look much more accurate.

      Chalk boards come in handy Lol

    15. vitaliyd says:

      I love your unique style of teaching Jonathan, you use paint program and explaining the marketing component and a slow, understandable manner. Some really cool stuff here. I hope everybody who are watching this get that…

      Vitaliy Dubinin
      Online Marketing Specialist

    16. I try to keep it very simple the same way You do man.

      Thanks big V

    17. stephenmbolin says:

      Thanks a bunch, Jonathan, for really nailing this on the head!

      I am a big fan of copywriting and one of my mentors says “when your prospects are waking up worrying at 3 a.m in a cold sweat – put yourself in their shoes – what are you feeling?

      Keep up the good work, my friend!

      Stephen Bolin
      Online Marketing Coach

    18. You really know how to lay it all out for your readers(viewers) to truly learn what they need to do, how they need to do it, and why they need to do it. Keep up the good work!

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