Is a job what you really want for the rest of your life, A.K.A a non profitable home business? Just cause you’re in a business opportunity, doesn’t mean you are out of the woods.

You might even be more of a prisoner than before. Truth is, if you don’t have the skills and marketing training to build online, you might as well get a job.


And suffer the fate of these poor souls in this video…

Tip of the Day

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See you at the Top!


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12 Responses to “Video explains why you do not want a day job, stick with learning online marketing”

  1. StuartLDennison says:

    Jonathan hahahahaha that was funny thanks for sharing that my friend, a little comic relief in the day never hurt anybody!!!

  2. Gotta keep my visitors entertained Lol… Thanks for stopping by Champ!

  3. Roger says:

    Jonathan, great video. If I had a thought about maintaining my job and not going full time with my business you just became the eraser man!!!… Awesome

  4. You know it man, we come too far to turn back now,
    No doubt I will see you at the top Champ.

  5. marcusbaker says:

    Jonathan, dude that video was just what I needed at 1.05 am!! I'm ready for a few more hours now! Great stuff.

    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Teacher

  6. Thanks a bunch man! I left you message on facebook

  7. vitaliyd says:

    Man. it was soooo funny! People are so stressed in their works, more then ever before! No, You'd better build a successful home based business!

    Love your attitude Jonathan! Keep those coming!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

  8. Thanks allot man, and you better keep yours coming too champ, your content is on point.

  9. FelisaWill says:

    LOL!!!! That was hilarious…and what you said was actually very true. You have to have marketing training if you want to be successful in marketing.

    Great video and I love your blog =)

    Take care and God Bless,

  10. Thanks a bunch and you do the same Felisa

  11. Tanisha says:

    Lol ha…..thank God I left my job

  12. I know that’s right Tanisha

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