This will come as no surprise, if You have been in the game for a bit. Back in the day, it was really easy to get someone to fill out an online form with their name and email.


But Oh how times have changed, more and more people are doing it, so You have to find more creative ways to do it.


When email & attraction marketing began, selling to marketers was easy, because if you saw an ad online that read, ” recruit new reps & make sales all day long, without calling anyone, just fill out the form below”, an online marketer would jump all over that offer.


This concept was fresh & brand new, so the squeeze page conversion rate was very high. Problem with that is, after the initial excitement, it started to get more & more diluted. Everyone & their mamma was a guru now, even the ones who didn’t have a clue, would just spam the hell out of people with affiliate programs. You may not like this but…


Magnetic Sponsoring is still considered spam, if I did not ask You to email it to me. I have tested and this is what you can do now, for a sky high squeeze page conversion rate. Number one, you have to offer something of real value, not just some dead  eBook.


You can provide a video demonstration of  some of an actual marketing technique process, without giving up too much, so your prospect will opt in for the rest. You can also purchase a valuable information product to use as your squeeze page bait, then highlight the price of that item and tell your audience to Google it. (PROOF OF VALUE)


This last method I am going to share, is a killer of a technique. You can learn a technique, test it to make sure it works first, then give that technique away in exchange for a name and email address. The great part about this technique is, it can be something really simple. You would be surprised how many people can’t create and upload a YouTube video , set up and backup a wordpress blog, use an ftp client and so forth.


Using these simple techniques,  will undoubtedly get You a much higher squeeze page conversion rate & make You better than most over night, without having to digg this stuff up.

Beware: The New Wave of The Future… Door to Door Spam?




See you at the Top!


P.S. Join the Marketing Revolution Today and learn every marketing technique known to man and just for becoming a member of The family today, get the entire video mastery course absolutely free and do anything with Video ( $997  Value)

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23 Responses to “Sky Rocket Your Squeeze page Conversion rates Over Night”

  1. mariaeves says:

    Let me ask you Jonathan.

    Have your read the ebook Magnetic Sponsoring?

    Maria Eves

  2. Jonathan,

    As always you do a great job with your videos. It's like watching a show.

    Chat with you later…

  3. Thanks Big J and its always good to see You man, keep smoking out that content.

  4. Hey there Maria, I own just about everything Mike offers Lol, Why do You ask?

  5. Dude!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!! ROFL… Refreshing!!!!!

  6. Hey superstar, good to see You Man, thanks for the kudos Budd. I will hit You up later.

  7. Alan Eames says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Good article and absolutely hilarious video! You had me laughing while reminding us of what not to do. Beautiful!


  8. Hey whats up Alan, looks like Your new here , thanks for stopping by and thanks for those kind words, Talk to You later.

  9. Hi Jonathan,

    You rocked this post my friend. If someone can increase their conversion rates for their squeeze page, the better off they will be.

    And, when you're providing killer value, then the higher your conversion rates.

    Chat with you later,
    Jerome Ratliff

  10. Jerome ol buddy, whats up Man? Thanks for stopping by mate and thanks for the added input, I see You're still spitting out the value Yourself, just came from Your blog.

    Take care Champ!

  11. StuartLDennison says:

    Whats up Jon,

    As always man you killed the vid. Loved the Norbert and Brian look a likes hahaha that was a great find!! You brought home a great point spam is HORRIBLE!

  12. Whats up Champ?! Thanks for the Kudos bro, what are You up to Man? I know You got something up, hit me up later.

  13. Hey Jonathan!

    Great topic and I loved the video to drive your points home. Awesome stuff as usual. 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Thanks Susie, its always a pleasure to have You stop by, You take care and I will talk to You soon.

  15. Always know your videos will be entertaining Jonathan! 🙂 Can we make a sequel and introduce Spam Police???


  16. Am pretty sure that could be arranged Marcus Lol, Any suggestions on who the spam police should be? Thanks for stopping by Big Guy, see You soon.

  17. lorirobertson7 says:

    Jonathan, first time on your blog, really enjoyed your post and look forward to coming back and reading more.


  18. I Am glad You liked it Lori, Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with You again.

  19. Jonathan,

    I love the picture, lol.

    These are some really great ideas. I am going to try to change things up
    and put some new campaigns together and look forward to reporting
    some of the results.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great one!!
    Tommy D.

  20. Hey Big Tom, whats up Man? Am glad You stopped by, be sure to let Me know what results You get. This will allow Us to help each other and other bloggers in our niche.

  21. Jonathan says:

    Blogging is BLISS!

  22. Hey Jonathan,

    Funny video! …and you are right…more people need to hear the message that spam does not work. Thanks for sharing.

    The Cartoon Coach
    Carstarphen recently posted..How to Defeat the 3 Enemies of Success

  23. admin says:

    Hey Mister Cartoon master , yeah bro spam really ticks Me off but it just goes to show You that we have allot of people to help, which is good for us.

    Thanks for stopping by champ!

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