Its a simple known fact that chasing friends and family is not the way to go. If you have done any type of network marketing before, you most likely know this by now. So why do prospects really avoid 95% of marketers… Are you ready for this…


The last 2 minutes of this video may be a tad bit naughty… Just a tad, so if you are very easily offended , do not press play!



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See you at the Top!


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14 Responses to “Video explains why prospects avoid you and how to profit with your blog”

  1. kylenelson says:

    Love the analogy my friend! Always fun to put things in other views!

  2. marcusbaker says:

    Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan… Man how I laughed…. and if you don't get what attraction marketing is all about after that you never will!!! Awesome…. So…did you make that video yourself??… the animation bit??


    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Teacher

  3. Thanks my friend, No one ever said we couldn't get to the top having fun Lol.

  4. Thanks big guy but naaa , all edits of the original, I learned those little tricks in a video mastery course in the inner circle mentoring group.

  5. That's Hilarious Jonathan…it's also a great perspective on attraction marketing. Great story my friend.

    Jordan Schultz
    ~Social-Media Specialist~

  6. Thanks big J … Am always happy to share and mastermind with You guys man,
    this circle of marketers rock on so many levels.

    Am happy to serve with ya man.

  7. mariaeves says:

    You are so creative Jonathan and very talented. What software is this movie made from. such talent! I don't know about the two little bunnys but I luved the story line to it. Great sense of humour!!

  8. vitaliyd says:

    I couldn't STOP laughing at the last 2 minutes my friend! My eyes were filled with tears, such a funny video! You definitely differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

  9. Wow Jonathan! That was something.

    You know, I doubted the importance of the warning… lol

    Very good message that people need to know. The delivery was certainly unique! It's great that we can let it all hang out and be ourselves.

    Kudos Jonathan.

    Make it a great day!

  10. Told ya… Lol

    Thanks Susie, have a blessed day,

  11. StuartLDennison says:

    LOL O buddy…. Man o Man that has to be the funniest thing i have seen on the net pertaining to attraction marketing Jonathan, thanks for keeping it entertaining and educational!!!!

  12. Sorry Jonathan, but the video was more than a little naughty….it discussed me!

  13. admin says:

    I am not Your “typical internet marketer”, so from time to time You may get things like that from Me. Thats why I always warn My readers when I am going to do stuff like that. I do appreciate Your honesty Sonja, and thanks for stopping by.

  14. Sal says:

    Thanks for sharing the info.that is interesting.

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