Not every new marketer starts out with a huge advertising budget, I know a few years back I didn’t. The only logical alternative for me, would be to take advantage of the free marketing techniques.


I soon learned that free marketing was taking up a whole lot of My precious time. Although I was getting results to trickle in, it was just not moving fast enough. I  had to find a better more leveraged way.


After studying with some pro article marketers, I came up with a solution for my dilemma. I call it viral content Supernova and it is responsible for a ton of free leads and my first automated sign ups online. Here is the blueprint, I hope you get a ton of value and AH HA Moments, as You learn how to use Maximum Leverage in Your marketing. Just Press Play and Enjoy…




Tip Of The Day By linking to other posts in Your blog, You can Get a better Page Rank and lower Your Alexa Rank over time.


See you at the Top!


P.S. To get the entire Maximum Leverage Starter Crash Course , for  absolutely free, Push The Button bellow.



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31 Responses to “Viral Content SuperNova! Dominate Alexa and bring the search engines to their knees”

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    This is a rocking video! two thumbs up!

    Going to play it again and take some notes this time.

    Have a great weekend…

  2. Thanks Josh , and You keep bring that killer content as well.


  3. TwilaJacobs says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    That was some great info you passed along! Thank you, like Josh, I'm going to have to watch it again and take notes.

    LOVED the end of it…still laughing!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You're so very welcome Twila, I Am addicted to You guys now and this sharing value stuff is now officially My new Home.

    You Rock!

  5. Hah! Tremendous content….where did you get that stuff at the end? I can't believe how those coworkers stayed on the phone when the one guy decked the other crazy. Yes..cubicles stink and I'm staying at home to work as well.

  6. Hey Jonathan,

    Great job on that video! The end was classic.

    I'm going to watch it again tomorrow, when I'm more awake (after midnight now) and jot some things down.

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  7. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by TwilaJacobs: Bring search Engines to their knees with Maximum Leverage | MLM Game Changing Secrets

  8. StuartLDennison says:

    Gotta love that, Great job on the vid as always Jonathan!!

  9. Very creative J and funny as hell.

    Not to mention the great tips you have provided!

    I think you just raised the video marketing bar

  10. marcusbaker says:

    Always love your videos Jonathan as you know and this one is entertaining as usual and contains heaps of valuable content. Think you have found a particular strength of yours when it comes to videos. Keep it up my friend. Can't wait to see more of your work.


    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Specialist

  11. Thanks Dwayne Man , keeping up with You post per day Guys is murder, but You guys drive Me Man.

  12. Sup Stuart? I know You got something up in the Lab Lol…. always good to see ya Man.

    Thanks for the kudos.

  13. You keep bringing that killer content Susie , I always enjoy stopping by your site.

    Take care.

  14. You better believe it Lol , Am with You 100% Girlfriend.

  15. Man…your video is off the charts…especially the controversial ending!! I'll be implementing those tips IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks Brah!!

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Marcus, Vitaliy Dubinin, Stuart Dennison, Susanna Hess, Kyle nelson and others. Kyle nelson said: RT @jonathansweening Bring search Engines to their knees with Maximum Leverage | MLM Game Changing Secrets […]

  17. (ha) I am loving that video brother!

    Kudos to you, you are doing something different and entertaining and I am sure it will work very well for you. I look forward to your next viral installment 🙂

    Have a great week.

    Wayne Vassell, signing out…

  18. No problem Champ, that's what its all about, helping others get where they wanna go.

    All Day Big guy, to the Top!

  19. vitaliyd says:

    You are definitely setting yourself apart with those videos Jonathan! You clearly shared a phenomenal blueprint to have high traffic coming to your blog, and congratulations on winning the contest! Love your videos!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

  20. No doubt Wayne, I Am trying My hardest to keep up with You and Huggins them.

    Good to see Ya Man.

  21. mariaeves says:

    Crack up! We all sitting here laughing. You have a very creative personality – You stand out in your uniqueness. I luv your videos. Humourous but also very rewarding content.

    Thanks Jonathan!

  22. All in the great spirit of sharing fun and value… Its a pleasure to share with You guys Maria, until I ran into these groups, I never even cared about facebook.

    Now if someone can help Me to find a way to like Twitter Lol

  23. Hey Jonathan,

    Great video. Daegan Smith is a genius and was enjoyed
    his webinars in the past.

    Your video was filled with great content and very
    funny. Good thing Mr. Newbie meet his coach and
    not left out to dry, lol.

    Thanks Jonathan!

    Tommy D.

  24. Chris Owen says:

    Hey Johnathan,

    Great work on the site here. I love it. Daegan Smith is a great instructor and I can see his program bringing success to anyone who is willing to do the work.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm giving you a tweet.

  25. Thanks Big Chris its always a pleasure to have You champs stop by Man,


  26. Milena says:

    Hihi, Jonathan, man you are awesome !

    Although the end was funny, it didn't put those important and great tips in the second plan..

    I'm sharing this post,
    thanks for great value,


  27. Thanks for that humbling comment, I really appreciate that and coming from a marketing Diva such as Yourself, that means allot.

  28. Hey Jonathan, great stuff! Sounds like it was a heck of a course!

    ROFLMAO! That video was hilarious! How did you do the sketch video?

    PS: You need to go into your tweetmeme settings and find the “source” field and put your twitter ID in there. Currently your tweets do not show your ID which means you cant see them get tweeted on twitter and cant thank your tweeters! Let me know on FB if you get stuck with this!

  29. Hi Kim thanks for stopping by, To do animations and advanced video creation, You can use Adobe after effects or Final Cut Pro for Mac… You can get them at their respected sites for about $999.00 each ,and thanks for the tweet meme tip.

  30. Rasavon says:

    This is amazing! i have added it to my favorites.

  31. Metevier says:

    I’m new on here, I thrash upon this website I come up with It pretty constructive and its helped me in a lot. I disposition be masterly to forward & aid other users like it has helped me.

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