I am a firm believer of finishing what I start and never letting something like a lack of knowing everything about everything slow me down. Just take it from this little adorable musician.

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7 Responses to “What does this little singing asian kid have to do with building your business?”

  1. stephen says:

    thanks for the tip it help alot

  2. david adderley says:

    sup bro im happy your site is doing well i love your site ranking im gonna cal u some time so we could speak

  3. marcusbaker says:

    That kid cracked me up Jonathan… love the persistence! Thanks for sharing this.

    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Teacher

  4. Thanks man and working with you guys is awesome man

  5. kylenelson says:

    Very helpful tip! Quick and to the point!
    We always over look the small things like this!

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