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Founded by Frank L. VanderSloot, Melaleuca is a direct sales company that has been manufacturing health, home, and personal care products since 1985.


With a huge list of health and skin products, plus a pay plan that rewards it’s sales reps very well, The company is  solid, however…


There’s a huge dilemma in this equation and in this Melaleuca Review, I am going to highlight the problem and unmask a solution used by many top leaders. If You have been in a network marketing company before or are currently in Melaleuca, then You know how frustrating it is, having to chase people to join the company.


However this is not all Your fault, chances are You have been taught only how to market in one way. The most common way most are taught, is to make that old list of 200 of Your closest friends and relatives and share the plan over and over and over.


They would rather have a concrete paycheck even though most might hate their job. In other Melaleuca reviews, I have seen people praise the company and try to get members to join off of pure hype, which will be deflated once those poor souls get that rude awakening.


The Simple Facts You Need to Know to Succeed in any Business

The company is a good one but there are simple facts that You must know in order to succeed. Number one, (& this is a biggie), You have to learn marketing. For most, the aforementioned method will not work. Think about it, how many friends do You know, who would be interested in chasing other people , much like Your doing allot of time?


You can’t do  just any marketing however, it must be target marketing. Most Melaleuca reviews will not tell You this but I will. The best prospects for Your business, are other network marketers. Simply because these people are already buying what You have to offer and they also have an open mind. It’s always easier to speak with like minds.


You see the difference between them and allot of Your friends? Now here is the million dollar question, how do You recruit people who already have a company? The answer will also explain how it’s possible to earn income without selling Melaleuca’s products or recruiting new reps into the company. So here we go…


Don’t get Me wrong, do what’s working for You but this will add a new dimension to what Your doing. The secret to success for the top marketers, are their marketing systems. Top recruiters never chase friends and family, they let the system do the dirty work. With the hard stuff out the way, building a business becomes much easier.


So What Exactly does a Marketing System do?

A marketing system’s job is to qualify other network marketers, to see if they are a right fit for You and Your business. You can customize Your system to do or say whatever You want , even if Your not there, it’s like having a secretary, let me explain.


The system is made up of a lead capture page which gives away free information in exchange for a prospects name and email. A auto responder, that follows up and builds rapport automatically with them and helpful affiliate programs that teach them how to master marketing. You prospects will love You for the help ( Their Hero, You)


These programs are low costs, Your prospects will gladly buy them, putting upfront money in Your pockets, which is why You profit without recruiting or selling company stuff. You can then reinvest into Your marketing creating a self funded business.


As Your list of leads grows, Your auto responder will keep track of everything , names numbers , emails , the works. Imagine having a new company or product to introduce. all You have to do is send out one email blast to Your entire database of leads. If only 5% out of everyone makes a purchase, I think You get the idea, Cha Ching!


Stay in the Loop and don’t get left behind…

===> Test Drive Your own Marketing System Today <===


See you at the Top!


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4 Responses to “Melaleuca Reviews”

  1. Jonathan: Another GREAT job; very concise and informative. If I was looking for info about the Melaleuca opportunity, this article would be the perfect place to look. Keep it coming!

  2. Thanks Floyd, I appreciate that champ.

  3. Carolyn Zalta says:

    I’m been purchasing Melaleuca for months now. I’m VERY VERY happy with the product, which has proven itself much high quality than I’ve used in the past (to my pleasant surprise). When I have had questions about product and have called Customer Care, I’ve been very pleased with the responses I’ve received. These people at Melaleuca are fair, decent folks and their products are amazing. Try their skin care too!

  4. Thanks for the feedback Carol, Melaleuca is no doubt a very good company and once a Melaleuca rep or any network marketer learns how to market using some of the strategies outlined in this article, they will be unstoppable.

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