The Customer Advantage is a marketing company just in pre launched at the time of this article and The opportunity is solid.


This program was founded by John Milanoski and it uses viral methods as an alternative to Groupon and the Living Social program.


I really like the concept that the customer advantage has, because it gives marketers and new distributors a good chance to succeed.


Now for the Good News and the Bad News

The fact that representatives for The company will be able to market to other companies with a zero out-of-pocket’ offer, that promises that company there is no money spent, unless the business offer is given to them by a customer, is a nice touch.


This looks like a win win situation for both “the customer advantage” rep and for the business that’s being advertised to. The only problem is, that most new members are not marketers by trade. Sure the concept and company is an awesome potential stream of residual income, but You have to grasp the concept of marketing the right way.


People like to buy but they hate to be sold! Most new reps contact friends and family first and this could be  disastrous. Most friends are no interested in MLM or anything with sales involved, it’s just not a part of the mindset they are used to. Even with a mention of the word sales, all sorts of red flags go up and the word scam comes to mind.


Even though “the customer advantage” is not a scam, most non believers still act and speak with ignorance, instead of fact investigation. And to make matters worst, You are their friend and they know You are not rich, so why should they take You seriously?


Fortunately there is a way out of this madness. Back in the early days, in order to make money with MLM, one had to refer a new member to the company, some stayed, others left, and some were better off leaving because they did nothing to help You build.


Now a days it’s possible to earn multiple checks every day, from the people who say no to Your opportunity.This concept is based around having a marketing system, that does all of the heavy lifting for You. Example, It would do the screening for “the Customer advantage” business, weeding out all the uninterested prospects You don’t want.


How will a Marketing System help You to build The Customer Advantage?

A marketing system will not only weed out the tire kickers but also automatically follow up with Your prospects, build that all important relationship and even offer affiliate programs that will help to build there business more effectively. Did I mention that this system only prospects other marketers, people who want what You are selling?


These laser targeted prospects will be thankful for Your help and will gladly purchase Your affiliate programs, putting multiple checks in Your pocket, even if they don’t join “the customer advantage.” You still make sales and a percentage of Your prospects will always join You in business, giving You an advantage over 97% of  all marketers.


P.S. Stay in the loop and don’t get left behind because Your competitors are always learning new ways to dominate the market , Secure Your own personalized  marketing system and build The Customer Advantage Business today.   ==> Get Yours Now!

See you at the Top!


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4 Responses to “The Customer Advantage Review Unleashed”

  1. Wyatt says:

    Fine knowledge! I have been looking for anything such as this for quite a while currently. Many thanks!

  2. […] a demo of this type of system for the customer advantage , go here ==> The customer advantage secrets unleashed. Filed in: Business […]

  3. No problem Wyatt, thanks for stopping by

  4. Tom says:

    I joined this so-called TCA opportunity only to be completely ignored after they received my $75 to provide 15 paid signups.
    It’s been months and I have received no signups, no communication from the company and my 5 requests for a refund since March have not just been ignored, and the service tickets I placed to ask for my refund state still, waiting to be addressed. How many months does it take to read an email? In my opinion this is a scam ans should be avoided at all costs. Look up John A Milanowski to see how many other (in my opinion ) shady scams he’s running. I read he scammed at least 1050 people out of $75 each and now there are dozens of complaints about this company not providing the signups and not refunding anyone’s money, or answering their requests for a refund. In my opinion it appears that Mr. Milanowski is using the anonymity of the Web to hide while he commits his crimes. Spread the word to everyone. I am about to do so myself.

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