Founded by Michael Spire, Abunza is a bilingual internet marketing company marketing their digital library through MLM representatives.


Abunza provides a group of bi-lingual sales professionals on their “team board” to make sales on behalf of its reps. Abunza also provides cooperative ads targeting English and Spanish speaking markets.


So says  Michael Spire, ” the most difficult  part of any business to be successful, is to have a good time and positive folks on the team. The Abunza squad is just that, and they are on the phone working for each of our representatives.” Sounds good, so what gives?  


It’s a great concept, good compensation, so what’s missing?

The main problem is the fact that most brand new members of the company are not marketers. They are intrigued by the thought of leveraging other people’s efforts to make large sums of money but when the initial excitement wears off, its back to reality, and it can be harsh. If You have been in network marketing before You know this already.


The constant nagging people to come to a home or hotel meeting about Your abunza business, can be real frustrating to both the member and the prospect. Some people only tell You they will be there to get rid of You lol. Am sorry, it’s no laughing matter but it’s what most new network marketers go through every single day in their MLM.


I will say that hotel meetings and the 3 foot rule does work but it’s just not for everyone, I know it wasn’t  for Me. Maybe You know this or maybe You don’t, but their are a ton of marketers that get legions of sign ups every day without ever picking up the phone or chasing anyone , EVER! Matter of fact prospects chase them , think about that.


Imagine having prospects hunting You down every day to ask which company You’re in. What a switch from what You may have been used to right? Well believe it or not, top marketers do that every day, and it’s not magic, most people just don’t know how.  


So what’s the Secret behind their magnetic marketing?

The secret is in the marketing system, and in this abunza review, I am going to give You a brief explanation on just how it all works. Bare in mind that top marketers never chase friends and family or spend all day trying to convince  prospects to join their MLM.


Top marketers simply let their marketing systems do 95% of all that frustrating stuff for them. All of the prospecting, follow up and even a huge part of the sales and recruiting is done all on autopilot. Yes a marketing system is that powerful, it’s downright unfair to the mass majority of network marketers who do it the old school hard way.


Am not saying in any shape or form, that the old school way doesn’t work , it’s a matter of fact, allot of the richest networkers on earth, has build a business that way and it still works today but let’s face it, that way is not for everyone. For those who would like an easier way to build wealth and a big business, Push The Easy Button…


See you at the Top!


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