Uvioo , make money sharing videos, Now You can earn income just for sharing videos with Your friends , family or clients with ease.

How to make money sharing videos that You’re already sharing with Uvioo


We do it all the time online, it’s a matter of fact, millions of people share millions of videos with their friends, clients and business partners every single day. but…


They never get paid to do so, until now…

Are You Ready to get PAID??  Click on the big yellow button below to Start Your Free trial today and watch the magic happen.


This is the quickest I had ever made money online, am talking less than five minutes literally… You can try it out for Yourself with the uvioo free trial if You like.


With Uvioo You can also Earn Additional Bonus Cash

In addition to earning just by sharing videos, You also reach what are known as checkpoints , and now You’re able to double Your money instantly, by purchasing that checkpoint…


Example lets say You shared a video today and You reach a $5 checkpoint, If You want to, You can buy it for $5 and instantly double it to $10 for a $5 profit, which will be automatically added to Your account balance immediately. Pretty cool huh?


I know right? High Five?! 🙂 , No Hi five…? 🙁 , Tough crowd. Anyhewww, moving right along. You also earn residual income by referring other paid members to the site. You get $5 for the 10 day $7.77 trial and $5 for the monthly membership once they stay after 10 days, which is $27.77/month.


There are also quarterly and annual memberships that You can choose from…


The Uvioo Review Verdict is in…

From My personal experience, I really like uvioo, the site delivers as promised, it loads pretty fast and the videos are the exact quality from whence they came.


The multiple ways to get paid are a great addition and considering the fact that people share videos for free, everyone should try a  service like this, It won’t hurt… You can test uvioo for free if You like, by clicking on the link below. Start sharing videos today and see how much You make.

Click Here to Start Your Free Trial Today

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8 Responses to “Uvioo Review, How to Make Money Sharing Free Videos”

  1. Is uvioo a legit business and can you really make money?
    I have been on it a week and made only $1.56 unless i am doing something wrong. I have follow all instructions to the letter and until now 0$
    Alex Peskou recently posted..My trip to Rome

  2. Yes it is and You can make money but the majority of the money comes from the ad share and member referrals when You become a full member

  3. Lorie says:

    Thanks for this article. I never considered using Uvioo to make money, but I’m going to look at it now.

  4. mabelle says:

    Hello Jonathan,
    Just registered 1 day ago. I shared videos and currently 0.90 in my
    earnings, and has $31.22 available let’s say I do not want to acquire the checkpoints does it affect my earnings? I want to see the flow of money without checkpoints and what is the minimum amount to redeem?

  5. Hi Mabelle , sorry for the late reply, I am on facebook allot. You do NOT have to acquire checkpoints and the minimum to redeem is $100

  6. Lexi says:

    Well this is certainly an interesting business venture though I never really used UVIOO before. Curious to see how much I could earn for it, thanks!

  7. Richard says:

    Hey johnathan can you give proof or something. I need help to get start before purhasing the pro. That is a heavy investment

  8. Sure no problem, here is a screen shot of one of My checks…


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