Hooray!! You have a new 2plus7 business, and its time to make some money. All of your friends are going to love this new venture , so getting sign ups will be a breeze right? You poor soul.

In this 2plus7 review, I am going to show you how to create multiple checks even if no one joins your business.  Your upline will not show you this technique.

The reason being, its just easier to feed you with the line, that its easy to just get 2 that gets 2, that will pay for your membership. While this might be true, getting 2 might not be as easy as you think. Oh yeah, you may get 2 but will your 2 get 2? Hmmmmmm.

The truth is most new marketers will recruit 2.7 people into their new business. Simply because  normal everyday people, who need more money, are not marketers.  The reason why 97% of them will fail, is because they were not properly informed from the start, and thats because the one who signed them up, was  not properly informed either.

This is a vicious cycle and there are 3  three main ways to break it.


#1 Keep swinging for the fences until you hit something.

#2 Learn what it takes to become a leader in this industry.

#3 Get out of this line of work!


I personally like door number #2 but thats just me, you have to decide for yourself whats easier for you.  Doing what it takes now and becoming a dominant leader, or trying to get 2 that will make you rich. News flash… thats not likely going to happen.


I would not advise anyone to try and recruit friends and family into 2plus7, simply because the majority of them are looking for fast money, and without any marketing experience, that won’t happen. Therefore they will more often than not, give up quickly.


What you need is a marketing system, a way to generate numerous leads automatically, even if you’re not there. A system that prospects and weeds out all of the jokers, so you are only left with hot prospects ready to buy. This way you won’t  waste any time.


A basic attraction marketing system consist of a lead capture, an auto responder and affiliate programs, that will help your prospects to build there own business. It doesn’t matter which business they are in, so you can target any company of  existing network marketers.  This way you earn commissions even if no one joins your 2plus7 business.

See you at the Top!


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