This cyberwize review is a detailed look into the heart of the company. The whole objective of this article is to help you decide if this is the right fit for you. The company was founded in 98″ by a guy by the name of Mark Mccool, and it is based in Sarasota Florida.

The compensation structure is very generous, providing you do what it takes to maximize it, I will get into that later down in this post. The company has a wide variety of products and services to choose from including travel, health and wellness and its 11 year track record is not too shabby either.

So whats the problem? Well I gotta tell ya, Cyberwize was my first MLM company, and the ride was less than silk. The company leaders do there part to train you on various conference calls and live events but the training they provide will not fit everyone’s preferences.

Ok here we go… If you are not comfortable with talking to people, on the phone or face to face on a regular basis then this is not for you, save yourself the frustration.

Just so we are clear, the only way to make any real money in cyberwise, is to personally introduce other paid members to the company. Let me give you a few examples of what they teach you to do.

#1 First You have to make a list of people you know.

Your warm market, also known as your friends and relatives are your first target for your list. After you get rejected by a couple of friends telling you they don’t do pyramid scams, you get depressed real quick.

I can tell you, after I tried to sell my tunguska blast beverage (the main product of the company), door to door, it was so frustrating getting rejected all day and night, I wanted to quit. I would go to all the trainings, buy all the cds, books and everything else under the sun.

After seeing that income potential of $40-$100 grand per month, I was hooked but this couldn’t be the way. I tried other methods like buying leads and other paid advertising.

First the phone, leads who would hang up on me before I even said anything, or never even pick up in the first place. I purchased ads but nothing worked, I was spending and not profiting anything.

I was at wits end, until I found an ad online that said, recruit reps into your MLM business all day long, without ever talking to anyone. I just could not resist clicking on the link after everything I went through.

It was a guy talking about the power of attraction marketing . I had heard the term before but never paid too much attention, but after all this failure, I was willing to try anything.

I was never so surprised in all my life when it comes to marketing, I never dreamed this type of marketing was even possible. All my years in cyberwize and I never seen this?

I jumped into it head first, too bad I had already left the company or I would have probably been at the top of the compensation plan by now, instead of just doing a cyberwize review.

In the end, cyberwize is a really stable rewarding company but if you don’t know how to market or the principles or attraction marketing, Forget it!!

If you would like to know how to use the power of attraction marketing to generate endless leads and get countless sign ups into you cyberwize business, rejection free.

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