So You just joined the company Duvita, or You’re just trying to find more information about it.


Maybe You’re struggling to make any money as a distributor. Well I got some good news and some bad news for ya…


First the good news, Duvita is a solid vehicle to earn some serious income and to change Your financial future for the better. There are tons of products that people will gladly pay You for, which will put some upfront money in Your mail box. Doesn’t that sound good?


You got the vehicle, You have the income potential,  now all You need to do, is invite a few people out to a hotel meeting, conference call, or live event. Now everyone will see this wonderful opportunity, jump on board and Your pockets will be endless right? For the majority I say, keep dreaming, because thats what you’re doing amigo, dreaming.


Have You ever invited hot prospects out to a meeting and when You got there, You were the only one there? You were so excited to have a guest and potential sign up , and then Blaaaahh… Nothing! How about finally getting a new sign up, and they do squat!!? When will this horror end right? It ends today, and am going to show You exactly how.


First things first, You’re most likely presenting Your business to the wrong people. Most people want more money but they just don’t want to work for it, in the form of Duvita or any home business for that matter. A so called steady paycheck, working for the man for the rest of their lives, is fine with most people. No matter how insane that may sound.


Your best strategy, is to market to people who are already buying  what You have to offer, which is other marketers. So how to You sponsor network marketers into Duvita? You have to give them something they need and want, that will help them to build their own business and also put money in Your pockets. So how in the world do You do that?

This Video Will explain…



See you at the Top!


P.S. For a 30 trial of the exact Marketing System I used in this Duvita review to target other marketers, and dominate any leader board, push the button. For a limited time get over $1700 in free bonuses (Included)


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6 Responses to “Duvita Review, its raining checks and I did not get one sign up yet.”

  1. Jonathan,

    Your videos ROCK!! I always enjoy them.

    This was a good post because you can really take
    any company and use an attraction marketing system.

    This will leverage your skills beyond what they can image
    because of those tools the system provides.

    Thanks for sharing my friend!
    Tommy D.

  2. Hey Tommy thanks for stopping by big guy… its always great to see ya man. You gotta love systems though, You have no competition.

  3. A lot of people need to read this post.You always provide such valuable content and that is awesome.thanks a million Jonathan
    Kareem Williams recently posted..Best MLM Company-Things To Look For Series-Featuring Jeffery Combs

  4. Hey big guy what’s going on bro? thanks for stopping by, and don’t think I don’t see You taking aver all the tribes.

  5. Cruis says:

    I like when you talk about this type of stuff in your posts. Perhaps could you continue this topic?

  6. I got You covered Cruis, just grab a free copy of Viral content Super Nova, its filled with lots of videos like this,


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