The next big frontier in computing is coming to computers.

The company that invented the personal computer, Hewlett-Packard, is announcing a new product on Thursday: a smartphone.

And as part of its unveiling, the company is introducing a new version of its popular operating system, Windows.

The phone, codenamed Nimrod, will be available in the U.S. in April and the U,K.

by October.

Nimrod is the brainchild of an Israeli developer, who wants to create a phone with a battery that can keep a person going for months without a charge.

“There’s no doubt that a phone is a great way to communicate,” said David Drosnin, the chief executive of Tel Aviv-based Nimrod.

“We’re trying to bring that power to people and empower them to have it everywhere.”

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, the most recent iteration of its Windows platform, is widely viewed as a step forward for Microsoft.

It has been available in more than 40 countries and will go on sale later this year.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is expected to cost about $200.

While many of the apps on the Microsoft platform, including Skype, are free or free for a limited time, Nimrod wants to charge for its service.

“We’re not charging for anything.

We’re charging for the experience of using it,” Drosnan said.

“It’s the most important thing.”

For the most part, apps like Skype and Microsoft’s other popular services, like Word, are limited to a few dozen users at a time.

Microsoft also has not announced pricing for the new Nimrod smartphone, but Drosnans statement indicates it will cost about the same as a smartphone for a family of five.

“It’s a bit like a personal assistant.

It’s very powerful,” Dror said.

Nirvana, the Japanese language version of Microsoft’s popular Windows Phone, is also being announced.

The company has been developing an iPhone-like Android phone for several years, but it did not include a keyboard.

The phone, which is expected for release in April, will not have a keyboard, but rather an app called “Navigation,” which will allow users to access many popular services in the native Japanese language.

The iPhone’s “Keyboard” app allows users to navigate through the app store.

Nimrod said the new phone will have “a native keyboard for Japanese.”

It will be the first Android phone with Nimrod support.

Microsoft has been experimenting with Android phones for years, offering apps that are available in English and Japanese, and some of the company’s own Android phones have received critical acclaim.

Namby-pamby and not-so-nambyWhen Microsoft announced its Lumia phones last year, many users thought it was a big step forward in mobile computing.

But it also raised questions about whether Microsoft had succeeded in creating a powerful operating system that could rival Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

“Microsoft’s approach to the phone is not the same one they used to develop Windows Phone,” said Dan Knuth, a consultant and former Microsoft engineer who is now a software consultant.

“Microsoft hasn’t done any serious work to create an operating system on a mobile device that will be better than the iPhone or Google Android.”

Knuth said he has a theory about why Microsoft’s Lumia phones are so successful.

“The way the phone was designed, Microsoft thought the Lumia phones were a great idea,” he said.

The Lumia phones have a number of advantages over the iPhone, he said: a lower price, more flexibility and a higher battery life.

The difference is in the software.

Microsoft is selling the Nimrod phone in the form of a Windows Phone software update called Nimrod for Windows, which enables developers to make applications that run on the phone.

NimbleOS, a free operating system built by Microsoft, is designed to take advantage of the phone’s battery life and to provide new functionality to the operating system.

Microsoft said that Nimrod software can run on any Windows phone, but not on the Lumia smartphones.

Microsoft says it has been working with Nokia on the Nimrods software since last year and has offered to make it available for Nokia’s Lumia devices.

Microsoft, however, is still developing Nimrod on a Windows phone.

Drosnsnans team will be responsible for development of the software and the hardware that makes up the phone, Drosnar said.

In a conference call with analysts, Microsoft chief marketing officer David Loy said the company will work with Nimrod’s developers to bring the Nimrods software to other platforms, including Android and BlackBerry.

“I think the opportunity for Nimrod is great,” Loy told analysts.

“And I think the challenge is that Microsoft is not going to build the phones for them.

So we’re going to need to partner with them to make the Nimron phones.”Nimrods

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