When I first heard about the new Star Trek VR prototype from VR startup The SpaceVR last year, I was a bit apprehensive about its ability to pull off the same trick that made me jump from the movie theater to the theater again in a matter of seconds.

In short, I didn’t think that The Spacevr’s technology could actually be used for a VR movie.

I thought it was just a bunch of cardboard tubes that looked like the Enterprise from the ‘Star Wars’ movies, or the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

I had heard that the company had already started working on a VR game for Star Trek, but I was still skeptical that it would be able to recreate the same effects of the original Star Trek movie, like the holodeck scenes and the hologram-like visuals that the original movies had.

Then, last year I had a chance to play the VR version for myself.

The Space VR VR headset works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets, which allow users to interact with the virtual world with a pair of hands.

The experience works on most PCs and mobile devices that can run the Oculus SDK, which is the open-source software that powers the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

I was able to take the headset on an adventure that involved the starship Enterprise, which has been around since the mid-1950s.

In the VR experience, the actors of the movie, played by Tom Hanks and Zachary Quinto, are all in full-on Star Trek gear.

But what I was most impressed by was how real the virtual experience was, and how much the actors’ faces looked real.

The actors’ eyes were moving in real-time, and there was nothing fake about them.

I felt like I was really in the scene, which was nice because the actor actors themselves didn’t look like holograms.

The virtual scene in VR looks really, really close to the actual film, but the actor faces actually look a lot more like real actors than the real actors do.

As you can see, they actually look like they are really there, because the actors are real.

But the real-life actors look like fake faces.

The actor models look a bit better than the actor models from the film, and they look like real people.

But that’s not the only thing that I was impressed by.

The entire virtual experience is created entirely by virtual reality software, which lets you control all the action in the virtual space.

For example, you can move around in the room, but you don’t actually move the virtual actors around the room.

It’s all done in software.

It is like a movie set.

If you go back and look at the film at the time, it looks like it is just a computer program that has all these lights and shadows and all this CG effects.

But in the VR movie, the virtual scenes and objects are real, and the virtual reality effects are real — like the lights, the reflections, the lights on the walls.

The VR scene looks real and the real actor faces look real and you can actually see the actor’s eyes move in real time.

It really makes it feel like you are really in that scene.

And it’s very much like being in the actual Star Trek movies.

You can see all the actors, you get to see them do their lines, and it feels like you really are in the movie.

If The Space.VR can replicate the effects of “Star Trek,” it could have a lot of potential to bring virtual reality movies to a wider audience.

And that’s something that the Oculus team has been working on since last year.

It launched a VR-centric VR game called “HoloLens” earlier this year, which aims to replicate the holographic effects that the films had on screen.

But while “HoloLens” is a pretty cool VR game, it doesn’t have the immersive and visceral effects of a Star Trek game.


Trek.VR,” which launched last year with the intention of bringing virtual reality to more theaters, has the potential to do just that, and in doing so, bring the technology to a whole new audience.

“Holographic effects are something we’ve been working with VR players for years, and we wanted to bring the experience to the world,” said Jason Karp, head of VR at Oculus VR.

“With The Space and Hololens, we are bringing holographic elements and holographic worlds that are completely unique to Star Trek to the VR community.

The Hololins are the first truly holographic experiences that will be available to audiences on a wider variety of platforms, including mobile phones, TVs, and VR headsets.”

It’s a really exciting time for VR, which really hasn’t had a VR film that is truly immersive yet.

It hasn’t really had an experience that looks as close to real life as the Star Trek films did, but it looks pretty good.

The space ship looks very much real,

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