The first woman elected to serve as president of the United States was sworn in at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on Friday.

The first woman, Jane Sanders, took the oath of office in a ceremony at the National Archives in Washington.

The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Joe Biden and President Joe Mabus.

The former senator and secretary of state was sworn-in as the 45th president of a US republic on Thursday, a year after Hillary Clinton announced her intention to seek the highest office in the land.

She was joined by Vice-President Joe Biden, US President Joe P. Biden, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and US Senator Patty Murray.

A day later, a second inauguration was held at the US Capitol.

The ceremony was followed by a parade to the US Supreme Court, where the first African-American to sit on the US bench, Justice Anthony Kennedy, was sworn.

The swearing-in of a woman to the presidency is a milestone in American history and it was an historic day for women’s rights.

But for many women who have made it in politics, it’s not quite the moment to be celebrating.

“I think we need to be talking about other things,” said Laura Siskin, a veteran journalist who worked for the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

“It’s not going to happen this year.”

Siskin said the country has had its fair share of women running for office in recent years.

She said, while there was a time when women were often overlooked, they were now the norm.

“This year, there’s more and more visibility,” she said.

“We have a president who has made it a goal of his to put more women in his cabinet and to have a woman in the White House.”

In 2017, there were four women in the US Senate and seven women in congress.

In 2017 and 2018, there was one woman in each of the governorships in the state of Michigan and Washington.

In 2019, there will be one woman representing New York in the Senate and one woman, who is a member of the New Jersey Assembly, representing New Jersey in the Assembly.

“There is definitely a lot of women, particularly in the South, that will be looking forward to having that opportunity,” said Siski.

The most recent US census figures show that the number of women serving in the House and the Senate was just under 8% of the total population, which means there are roughly 30 million women in this country.

The percentage of women elected to the highest legislative and executive offices is just over 4% of that.

In 2020, there are now more women than men in the United State Senate, which is where women make up about 23% of lawmakers.

In 2020, women made up just over 15% of governorships, which represent governorships.

The gender imbalance in politics is even more pronounced in states with larger numbers of women in elected office.

Women made up 15% in Georgia in 2020, compared to about 9% of elected state officials.

In Georgia, a state with a population of about 30 million, women represented just under 9% in the General Assembly.

In 2018, women comprised just under 10% of members of the state Senate.

And, the state that is home to the most women-serving governorships and legislatures in the country, North Carolina, has just under 7% of women representing state government.

In the most recent census, there is one woman serving in every 28 governorships statewide, which would mean one in every three female governors.

While women make it into elected office at higher rates than men, there has also been a noticeable gender gap in the top ranks of American politics.

While only 3% of all federal cabinet members were women, women held a majority of top federal administration posts from the president down to the deputy secretary of defence and the head of the National Economic Council.

In addition to serving as secretary of the treasury and deputy secretary for the Office of Management and Budget, Elizabeth Shuster was the deputy director of the Office for Management and Strategic Initiatives.

In this post, she also oversees the US Department of Agriculture, the Office on Violence Against Women, and the Office to Monitor and Combat Sexual Violence.

In her first term, Shuster appointed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the first female president of her department.

In 2021, Shusters appointee as deputy secretary at the Department of Labor, Maria Svart, was the first person in US history to serve in the Cabinet of the President and Vice President.

In 2022, Clinton appointed her former Secretary for Energy and Natural Resources Steven Chu to the position of acting assistant secretary of energy.

In 2024, Hillary Clinton appointed former Representative Debbie Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, to serve on the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump.

In 2025, Clinton appointee Caroline Mun

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