The top-five operating systems used by desktop and mobile users in the US are all owned by Microsoft, and each is used by about one in five users.

The list is in stark contrast to the operating systems that come in second and third, which are owned by Google, Apple, and Amazon.

(The operating systems at the bottom of the chart were all purchased by companies that have since spun off.)

While operating systems are used by a small number of people per day, it is a much larger percentage of users that use the top five operating systems.

The top five, according to the study, have a combined user base of about 12 billion users worldwide, according the research firm IDC.

(As a refresher, that’s roughly 10 billion people worldwide.)

As of June 30, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 had been downloaded more than 1.7 billion times, according IDC, making Windows the most popular operating system worldwide.

While Windows 8.0, Windows Phone 7.0 and Android versions of Android have been downloaded at least 1.1 billion times in the past six months, it appears that Android has been the most downloaded operating system for mobile users.

For the purposes of the study — which included both desktop and smartphone users — Microsoft owns Windows and its products, while Google, Amazon, Apple and Amazon have been acquired by others.

(Note that IDC’s research only counts mobile users, not people using a smartphone for browsing the web.)

According to the IDC study, the top-ten operating systems were: Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux.

IDC said the top ten are used about twice as much as the rest of the top 20 most popular OSes.

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