It’s a question that comes up often as people watch their television or read their newspaper and have a bit of fun.

If the soap opera characters are the ones getting away with things, what is the real motivation behind their actions?

In an effort to answer this question, we recently looked at a list of the biggest offenders in American media.

What we found is that we’re living in a world where we are increasingly becoming accustomed to the soap operatic style, even if the actors themselves are rarely involved in the narrative.

We also found that the soap operators themselves are often involved in some form or another in the story.

In some cases, it’s a major role.

In others, the actors are more of a sidekick or occasional collaborator.

We have a list in our blog post that shows the top 100 soap operameters and the operators behind them.

The list contains names such as “Carson Wentz”, “Joe Biden”, “Marlon Brando”, “Dwayne Johnson”, “Bruce Willis”, “Bill Murray”, “Tom Hanks”, “Burt Reynolds”, “James Corden”, “Kevin Spacey”, “Mark Ruffalo”, “Jason Segel”, “Chris Rock”, “Matt Damon”, “Jennifer Garner”, “Jodie Foster”, “Brad Pitt”, “Robert Downey Jr.”, “Bruce Jenner”, “Julia Roberts”, “Jon Hamm”, “John Stamos”, “Kirsten Dunst”, “David Duchovny”, “Paul Rudd”, “Rob Reiner”, “Tiffany Haddish”, “Alyson Hannigan”, “Lena Dunham”, “Gwyneth Paltrow”, “Shailene Woodley”, “Sarah Jessica Parker”, “Cheryl McCullough”, “Kristen Bell”, “Melissa McCarthy”, “Eve Ensler”, “Jeffrey Tambor”, “Michael Rapaport”, “Kate Winslet”, “Penny Dreadful”, “Vicki Garman”, “Jane Lynch”, “Lauren Graham”, “Laura Prepon”, “Jessica Alba”, “Elisabeth Moss”, “Will Smith”, “Anthony Anderson”, “Samantha Bee”, “Taylor Schilling”, “Kim Kardashian”, “Katy Perry”, “Lisa Kudrow”, and more.

We hope you enjoy our list and are interested in learning more about the profession.

What do you think of our list?

Leave a comment below.

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