An Iranian-American lawyer and blogger, Sami Alimani, has written an essay about how to get rid of the Iranian regime.

Alimani is the founder and president of the Institute for Middle East Policy, which is based in New York City.

In the piece, he argues that the U.S. has failed to do enough to prevent Iran from getting its hands on weapons and is therefore forced to resort to “strategic patience” in the face of its own weakness.

Alimanein argues that this strategy was used against Iraq in the early days of the U,S.


“The United States is not going to do anything against the Iranians,” he writes, referring to the regime in Tehran.

“If it did, it would be a very different outcome.

Iran would be the most dangerous country on earth, because it would have the capability to destroy the United States.”

The U.N. has called for a military strike against Iran, as well as sanctions against the regime.

Alhamdulillah, Al-Azhar, the Saudi-based Islamic University, and the Saudi Press Agency have also expressed support for military action against Iran.

Al-Imani argues that a war with Iran would cause the region to “break apart,” while “Iran would then become the dominant power in the region.”

The essay also takes aim at the West’s “corrosive propaganda campaign” aimed at pushing a narrative that Iran is not a threat.

Alomani says that it is not the U and the West that is “corrupting the world.”

“There are more important players than you, the U., the U.-world,” he argues.

“In order to protect our own interests, the West must be stopped,” he continues.

“But this will take time and a lot of hard work.

It will take years.

And we cannot do it by force.

We need to work on our own.”

Aliman is not alone in his concerns.

Many in the international community have called for an immediate and decisive U.K. and French attack against Iran in order to restore diplomatic relations.

Almahdi believes that “Iran has the ability to destroy our entire world and that is why we need to strike back.

And to the extent that the West is interested in a military confrontation, the United Kingdom and France will be the only ones who can stop it.”

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