It’s a quiet morning in the Pacific Northwest, and the sound of a distant thunderstorm is filling the air.

But instead of a blaring sound, you can hear the sound only when the wind is blowing at its weakest point, the point where a small section of the thunderclouds center is most active.

For a brief moment, the sound is as if you are standing on a balcony of a building, watching the sky move up and down.

The sound is made by the jet stream, a stream of water that drifts from the eastern Pacific Ocean and speeds westward through the North Atlantic.

That motion is known as the West Coast Current.

Thunderstorms are not unusual in the Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest has seen plenty of them over the years, including a spate of thunderstorms in 2013 that killed two people and left nearly 2,000 injured.

But this year, the West and Northeast have seen the most.

And the West has been the most active in terms of both wind speed and intensity.

That means that the West is going to be the scene of one of the most violent thunderstorms to hit the Pacific this season.

The wind gusts are expected to reach more than 100 miles per hour, the National Weather Service said on Twitter.

The West Coast current typically moves northwest from California, Oregon and Washington, bringing a torrent of moisture and rain to the Northwest, which tends to get more than its fair share of thunderstorm activity.

That means there are likely to be more tornadoes, more lightning and more hail.

The Pacific Northwest’s West Coast is also home to a handful of other thunderstorms, including one that is expected to bring a significant storm surge to the region.

That storm is expected this weekend, but it will likely be more localized, with a smaller storm surge than the one that has brought the most devastation to parts of the Pacific.

What is the West?

The West is a region that stretches from Oregon in the northwest to Washington in the east.

The West is home to Oregon, Washington and the Cascade Mountains.

The Northwest has been home to thunderstorms since the end of the last ice age about 25,000 years ago, but the region was mostly dry, until about 3 million years ago.

The region was then inundated with more than 2,300 inches of rain.

Thunder storms have become an important part of the West’s weather, as they provide a much more reliable way to measure how wet the area is and to forecast rainfall.

The weather is expected not only to be hot, but also dry, with the West expected to have its hottest temperatures on record and have the driest conditions on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The warm temperatures and dry conditions will cause a lot of the precipitation to fall along the West coast, where they will create some of the highest tides in the United States, said John Bamberger, an associate professor at the University of Washington.

What causes thunderstorms?

There are several factors that contribute to the development of thunder storms.

Some of these are the temperature of the area, the winds, the moisture and the moisture concentration in the atmosphere.

In the Northwest the West winds are typically the strongest.

In addition, the air masses around the region move through these wind patterns in the same way that the Earth’s rotation around the sun, which causes these storms to occur.

Thunderstorm formation is also influenced by the winds that are blowing from the northwest, where the wind gust will be highest.

The air that is moving west is more humid, meaning that the humidity in the air is higher than the air surrounding the thunderstorm, said Bamberg.

Thunderstorms are also created when a storm system is too close to the surface of the Earth.

This happens when a low pressure system is forming over land, with air that has been over the surface for a long time.

The thunderstorm will form when the winds are at their weakest and the humidity is low.

The storm system that is forming in the West over land can move at a speed of about 8 miles per second, according the National Hurricane Center.

This speed is not high enough to bring hail to a small area, but this is because the air around the storm system moves very slowly.

It’s possible that a storm will come within 15 to 25 miles of a small community, but a large storm is unlikely to hit a community in the region, said Jason Zwilling, a meteorologist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

How do we know if we have a thunderstorm?

As you may know, it’s not easy to spot a storm.

The storms that come up often have a bright flash, called a lightning flash, that can be seen from about 2 miles away, according,

It lasts for a few seconds, then it disappears, leaving behind a trail of orange or green debris.

This is usually due to a thunder storm.

In order to see if there is a thunder or lightning storm, weather scientists often

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