The Metropolitan Orchestra is launching a free, on-demand streaming service in Australia.

The new service, dubbed Metro, is expected to open in Melbourne in March and will be available for free on a variety of platforms.

It will allow users to access the Met to play their favourite opera online and watch films, TV shows and documentaries on demand.

The service will also allow people to search the online database of opera singers and performers.

“The music industry is a global one, and this is a great opportunity for Australia and the world to expand the reach of opera online,” said Met Opera CEO Tony Tulloch.

“Metro will offer a rich range of options for our users to discover opera online, and allow them to watch their favourite music videos, listen to new operas on demand and play their favorite operas in real time.”

The new Metro streaming service will allow Australians to watch opera online from their home computer, tablet, smartphone or even on a big screen TV.

The Met will not be offering a subscription to the service.

The Met Opera is a free online streaming music service that will allow people around the world access to live performances and music from opera singers, and to play, listen and watch music.

Metro is currently available for users in Melbourne and Sydney.

The project is being backed by Opera Australia, Opera Media, Opera Live, Opera TV, Opera Online, Opera News, Opera Direct, Opera Music and Opera News Network.

The Opera Australia website,, will be able to be used by Australians to sign up for Metro, and users can sign up to receive free updates via the Opera News app.

The company has also released a new mobile app for the Opera app called Opera Mobile, which is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Metro is being developed by Opera, with Opera Australia and Opera Media co-founders Anthony and Daniel Kermode serving as the co-presidents.

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