Parrots are not only the best singers in the world, but they also are among the smartest animals, according to a new study published by the Cornell University.

“Parrots are great at communicating with us through the use of vocalizations, a sign of being intelligent,” said Amy W. Haggard, an associate professor of psychology and the study’s lead author.

“We know that these birds can use these sounds to communicate with us, but it has been quite a long time since we have been able to see them interact with this level of intelligence.

Parrots, like other primates, use vocalizations to tell us what they are thinking and communicating with the world around them,” Haggards said.”

So, it was important to study this species to see if we can use vocalization to communicate more directly with them.

This is what they think.”

Haggards team used a computer program to record the responses of four parrots to the song “The Hangout.”

The results were fascinating, revealing a parrots understanding of the meanings of its environment.

“These birds use their vocalizations as a kind of gestural language, which is very different from any other language we know,” Hags said.

When asked how they would describe their interactions with humans, the parrots responded in a variety of ways.

“They have a tendency to say ‘This person is really rude, and I really don’t like it.’

They also tend to say, ‘Oh yeah, they’re really nice to me.'”

Haggard said she believes the parrot’s sense of being connected to the world is very much alive.

“It’s an instinctual language that they use,” Hagard said.

“When a parropper speaks to a human, it communicates with them in a way that is a kind, friendly, playful way.

This seems to be a language that can also be used for communication.”

Read more about parrots and their intelligence, and other birds on CNN’s Science, and on

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