TechRadars readers may remember the first Google Glass prototype in 2013.

Now, we know exactly what the device looks like and what it’s capable of.

We also know the specs for Google Glass.

It comes with a 5.7-inch, 1280×720, IPS LCD display, a 5MP camera, a 1.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and Google Glass OS.

Google Glass comes with two different configurations, which we’ll take a look at in this article.

The first is the standard version, which has a 5 inch, 1080p display and a 1GHz processor.

The other is a 2.4-inch model, which comes with an IPS display, 4MP camera and 64GB of storage.

Both of these versions of Glass come with the standard software.

Google also included a headset in the package for those who prefer it to wear glasses.

Google’s Glass OS is designed to make your Google Glass experience more personalized, making it easier to access and use features like voice commands, Google Now, and apps.

For example, if you want to check email, you can now access the Gmail app from the Google Glass Glass app, or you can access a list of Google Play Store apps with just one tap.

We’ll get to that in a bit.

What you get Google Glass hardware The first Glass device Google introduced back in 2013 was the Glass 1, a phone-sized device that didn’t come with a display.

It featured a 1280×800, 320×240, and 480p screen.

Google used this phone as a starting point for the Glass OS that Google is building.

Google has been working on the Glass 3 hardware since the original Glass device was released.

The Google Glass 3 was launched in June 2017 and the Glass 2 had been in development for about six months at the time of the original Google Glass launch.

Google announced that the Glass 5 will arrive later this year.

The Glass 5 is an all-glass device that will have a 1280×720, 320×240, 5.8-inch display and will come with 2GB of memory.

The glass will also include Google Glass Lens, which can be used to capture a 3D image and then be used as a standalone camera.

Glass 3 Glass 3 is a glass display made by Google Glass for use in the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and the Google Assistant.

Glass Glass 3 has a 1280 × 720, 320 x 240, 5,8- inch display.

The device will also come with Google Glass Lenses, which are lenses that can be placed on the glass display to make it appear as if the device is looking into the camera.

This feature is only available for Glass 3 devices, though Google says Glass 3 will eventually support Glass Lens in the future.

Google is also working on a Google Glass 2.

Glass 2 is a phone that is much smaller than the Glass Phone, but it does have a 4.7 inch display and comes with 4GB RAM.

Google says that Glass 2 will come in a variety of colors.

Google will also add a pair of Google Glass glasses, which have been designed to look like the ones you’d find on a smartwatch.

Google said that it is looking for people who want to wear the Google glasses on their wrists, but that it will also be available in a number of other shapes and sizes.

It is also possible that Google Glass will be released on Android devices, too.

The new Glass will likely be available at a later date.

What it means for Google’s next generation Google Glass has been in the works for quite some time.

Google already has a prototype of Glass, but the company didn’t release the Glass Pro model until early 2017.

Google initially designed Glass to work with Google Now and Google Photos, but later released a Glass Pro version to bring its mobile apps closer to their Android counterparts.

Google hopes that Glass Pro will bring its apps closer in line with the Android platform.

Google doesn’t make Glass devices for the iPhone and Android.

Glass is expected to work well on smartphones and tablets, but will also work well with Android phones.

Google plans to have Google Glass available on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches from October 2021.

Glass Pro Google has said that the first Glass devices will arrive in late 2021, though it’s unclear how long it will take for Google to ship Glass devices to consumers.

Google currently has two versions of Google Home and Google Assistant, but Google has not specified what those versions will be called.

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant system, which includes a voice command assistant, a “do this” assistant, and an “answer this” voice command.

Google uses this system to answer questions that people ask, such as, “Where’s the nearest restaurant?” and “What’s the weather like today?”

Google’s new voice assistant is the first to have a voice-based interface and comes as Google is

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