The U.N. says it is ready to deploy the world’s most advanced naval surveillance drone to patrol the South China and Indian oceans, and it is sending two patrol ships and two patrol planes to the region.

The unmanned patrol vessels will be deployed to patrol waters around the Paracel Islands, a group of atolls in the South Pacific, the U.NS.

A/PRNewswire reported Friday.

The U.

Ns. has been monitoring the South and East China seas since April, when China began building artificial islands in disputed waters.

U.C.I.D., the U-S.

National Security Agency and other U.n. agencies have monitored China’s activities in the disputed waters for years.


Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced in June that the U.,N.

is now deploying surveillance drones and ships to the South Sea in the face of Chinese activity in the region and China’s aggressive pursuit of territorial claims.

The first U.nn.

S.-built drone ship and patrol aircraft will be the first U-nautical Patrol Vessel, or UPCV, to be deployed in the Indo-Pacific region.

UPCVs are U. n. warships that can carry U. N. personnel and equipment in support of international peacekeeping missions.

The first UPCVA, a prototype, is in the water off the Philippines.

A second prototype, the USS Sprague, is scheduled to arrive in the Pacific Ocean in July, and the UPC Vans is scheduled for a 2017 arrival in the Indian Ocean.

The second ship is an unmanned ship called the “Armed Support Support Ship” or ASRS.

It is designed to be armed with two small, guided-missile cruise missiles, the first such weapons in U. naval service, and a towed artillery system, U. Navy officials told The Associated Press.

The ASRS is equipped with a small, fast-attack helicopter to provide support in the event of a collision between U. ships and Chinese military vessels.

The ASRS can also be equipped with two radar-jamming devices to track Chinese military submarines and destroyers.

The third ship, the “Advanced Patrol Ship,” is a modified version of the ASRS and is equipped to carry out aerial surveillance.

The ship has been designed to fly along the surface of contested water and can track any incoming aircraft with an optical tracking device, and has two cameras, one for underwater surveillance and one for surface surveillance.

The fourth ship, named the “Navantia” and the fourth, named “Eagle” is a variant of the UOCV, the fourth U.NN.

S-built aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, is the largest aircraft carrier ever built and has been deployed to the Asia-Pacific since 2014.

The carrier is capable of conducting multiple missions.

It can carry out surveillance missions in the contested waters of the South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam, and can conduct maritime operations in the waters around Australia, the United States and Japan.

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