WASHINGTON — An opera singer is known for being a very private person.

But then, one day in 2015, she decided to take a break from her usual routine and went to the opera house to sing a new opera, with a new set of rules.

She started by asking the opera singer if she would like to sit next to her.

And then, the first question came out of her mouth.

The singer is a famous opera singer.

And she is asked to sit with her next to the person next to.

And that is where the story begins.

But the opera’s director, the famous composer and conductor, was not too pleased with her request, and instead, she told her to sit in a separate area of the opera hall.

That was when things got out of hand.

“I said, ‘You don’t need to be in that area, it’s a private room,’ and she just started yelling,” said David Vidal, a former opera singer who is now the director of the New York Opera.

“The next thing you know, the audience was screaming, ‘Why did you do that?’

And then she said, I don’t know what you mean by private room, but she said that she has no idea how to get in there.”

Vidal is a former conductor who went on to become an opera singer herself.

But for years he has been wondering what the rules are for the opera to have a private area in the building.

“What do you do if there’s someone else in the room?” he asked.

“It’s a very special room, it was designed for only the opera singers.”

But then last year, a new rule was put in place.

It said that only the person sitting next to a performer can be seated.

“We thought that was really odd, it doesn’t say that anyone else can be in the space, so we just had to do what was right for the show,” Vidal said.

Vidal said that’s the way he sees it now, but the rules do not seem to be popular with the opera.

The opera has not had to use that rule since at least 2004.

And Vidal believes the rules have actually made it a more private space.

“There’s more intimacy there and the sound is nicer,” Vides told CBS News.

Vides said the new rule will be enforced for future performances and that it has been successful in keeping the company happy.

But he believes that there may be a problem in the way it’s being enforced.

The rules also come with a big price tag.

According to the New Yorker, the cost of running an opera in the United States is $7 million.

The cost for a production in the world is estimated to be more than $3 billion.

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