Google Chrome operating system has been around since the early 2000s and is a Chrome OS operating system designed to run on Chrome OS devices.

It was originally a browser operating system. 

The Chrome OS has been designed to be used on Chromebooks, but has since expanded to other Chromebooks as well. 

The Chrome OS is the most popular browser operating System in the world.

Chrome OS works on Chromebook devices with a single-boot installation, which means that Chrome OS itself is installed on the Chromebook itself, with no external components. 

It has also been a mainstay of the smartphone and tablet market, with Android phones and tablets being the mainstay platforms for Chromebooks. 

But, while Chrome OS continues to be popular with Chromebooks and smartphone users, the company is facing competition from Android operating systems. 

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be releasing Android OS versions for the Chromebooks running Chrome OS. 

However, this announcement came on the heels of the launch of the Samsung Chromebook Pixel, which was designed to offer Chrome OS functionality on its own device. 

In June, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint against Google alleging that it violated the FTC’s Trade Secrets Act by providing the Chromebook Pixel with a non-essential feature that it claimed was essential to its business. 

This lawsuit was filed against Google by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing Google in the FTC lawsuit. 

At this point, the FTC has not filed a lawsuit against Google for violating the FTC Trade Secrets act, but the agency has been investigating whether Google violated its copyrights by providing Chromebook Pixel users with non-functional features that it said were essential to their Chromebook Pixel business.

The complaint alleges that Google provided the Pixel with nonfunctional features, including features that would allow users to customize their Chromebooks to run Google’s Chrome OS, but also included features that were essential for Chrome OS to function properly. 

Google is also accused of providing non-functionality to the Pixel’s operating system by providing Chrome OS features that required users to connect to a network and perform some of the normal tasks that users do with Chrome OS while on the device.

The FTC has been taking a close look at Google’s practices in its investigation of Chromebooks since June. 

Last month, the agency sent letters to Google and the companies participating in the Android Open Source Project, asking for an investigation into the practices of Google, Google Play, and other companies in the Chrome OS ecosystem. 

According to the FTC, the Pixel is a Google device.

The company’s Pixel phones, Pixel C tablets, and Pixel laptops run Android, and they are all Android-powered. 

Additionally, Google’s Chromebook Pixel has a processor called the Snapdragon 845, which can run Android and is the processor powering the Pixel phones and Pixel C. “We are committed to protecting consumers and ensuring they have the best possible experience when using Google devices,” said FTC Deputy Director Bethany B. White in a statement. 

 The FTC alleges that the Pixel Pixel’s non-working functionality is “essential to Google’s business,” and that the non-use of Google’s features “is likely to cause Google to lose the business.” 

The complaint further alleges that Chrome users who install Google ChromeOS on Chromebook Pixel devices would “have no way to know” whether they were using Google Chrome or Google Play apps. 

For the FTC to bring an action against Google, it must prove that Google knowingly provided non-operational features to Chrome users. 

A Google spokesperson said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

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