The easiest way to learn a new skill is to watch someone do it and explain it at the same time. This type of  teaching is known as transparent education. My favorite type of schooling.


I started My long  journey online way back in 05. Nothing I tried worked, I made no money until I stumbled onto the teachings of Daegan Smith. I didn’t know what it was at first, but I knew that this guy was different and that this was the beginning of a beautiful & profitable partnership.


I had never seen anyone open up their entire business from the inside out and explain everything right down to the last crossed  “T” and dotted “I”  before. After that happened, My marketing life changed forever and I have the scars and the success to prove it.


Here is an inside look at My Maximum Leverage Breakthroughs…



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P.S. Let Me know what You think, leave Your comments or questions in the comment section below. 

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23 Responses to “My Maximum Leverage Breakthroughs for 2011”

  1. maria eves says:

    That was so cool Jonathan. I so enjoy your video and this one in particular gives some great tips and some great results i see. Yes i to have been utilizing the making friends in that fashion always have but to add a personal video well thats a newbie for me.

    You doin some great stuff out here Jonathan and I do believe you have one of the greatest mentors on the planet Daegan Smith.

    Awesome Jonathan keep rockin!!

  2. Thank You for those kind words Maria, consistency and learning from people who have done it already ( No need to reinvent the wheel) is the difference.

  3. Stuart says:

    Great video Jon entertaining and informative, perfect blend my friend!!!

  4. Bro you always hit it on the head!!

    Great breakthroughs and awesome results to show.

    Thanks for sharing those tips man!

    Glad to be connected to ya 😉


  5. Hey Shawn whats up bro? Thanks for the love man,take care man.

  6. Nice video and storyline bro. That is truly a nice fact you shared as well to what I like doing (which not a lot of people are doing) in copying opt-in emails and finding them on Facebook. The video addition is a great idea to top things off. Thanks for sharing the tip and keep up the awesome job.

  7. Nice work Jonathan. One of the better videos I’ve seen. You got my vote. Do me a favor and check out mine at
    (If you are not cool with me leaving a link, that’s cool. I understand if you want to delete my comment)
    Good luck in the contest Jonathan.

  8. Thanks Kev and Your right man, connecting with Your prospects personally combined with sharing value is always going to be a winning combo.

  9. @ Cameron, Na your good bro and I will be sure to check it out, thanks for the koodos

  10. Jonathan,

    Congrats on your win in the contest, great video.

    Lori Robertson recently posted..My Maximum Leverage Break Through Testimony

  11. Thanks Lori, I enjoyed Your video as well, You rock

  12. nicholas says:

    nicholas recently posted..just been paid ( earns 2% or more per day — 60%+ per month )

  13. Sure do, and sure You can hit Me up whenever You can.

  14. Pearl says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Nice video. Many congrats on your win in the contest. Best of luck for your future.
    Pearl recently posted..VitaDigest Coupon

  15. Thanks for the koodos

  16. Jon,

    I’m glad to hear you overcame your challenges and stuck with it. And congrats on winning the contest!

    Tough times never last, but tough people do. Great blog and great post, man!

    Charles Holmes recently posted..Oct 6, Network Marketing Article

  17. Tanisha says:

    you know you rock Jon

  18. Awwww thanks Tanisha and I have not forgotten You but being busy is both a gift and a curse.

  19. Sophia says:

    It is really great way of learning. In many fields, you need skilled person to show you how to perform. Your sharing is great and informative, thank you!

  20. You said it Sophia, the best way to teach and learn. Thanks for stopping by

  21. Adam says:


    You’re talented with video. No doubt about it, video marketing is a powerful way to drive traffic and increase sales. Thanks for the insights.
    Adam recently posted..Mastering Twitter with Ricky Figueroa

  22. Thanks Adam and You are so right, not to mention more fun then writing all the time lol

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