The first thing you need to understand when marketing your network marketing business is that people join people and not the MLM company. I see it all the time, new marketers telling everyone that their company has the best pay plan, the best training and so on. Fact is, everyone who joins an MLM company believes the same thing.

So what makes you any different, what separates you from the rest of the marketing world? The answer to that question will set you free in your network marketing business. All top earners on earth have figured out the answer and now you will to, I will see to it.


First Is Knowledge

You have to become  valuable in the eyes of your prospects, I mean come on, why should anyone follow or listen to someone who has nothing of value to offer them? Would you take flying lessons from someone who has never flown a plane before?

I know some people hate to read , no problem, now a days technology is taking over, you can purchase the audio version of almost any book, and just let someone else read it to you. You really can’t get it any easier than that, until you can have the information uploaded directly into your brain like the matrix.

Know your Targeted market and your limitations

For example:  I live in the Bahamas and  I am a network marketer. I know that 95% of all new and existing network marketers are failing and I know that there are 90,000+ people on my Island. That means, for the few that are network marketers, that is somewhere in the neighborhood of  maybe 0.5%. That  means that there are a few hundred people marketing different business opportunities to everyone else.

So now I know the competition is very thick and if I don’t know more  then everyone else, I will become a statistic. With so much competition, I have to bring something to the table that only a few know how to do  , so I become an internet network marketer. Now I know how to market on and offline therefore I become twice a valuable to everyone.

So what do I do now? Instead of marketing to people who have no idea what network marketing is all about, like all the other marketers are doing. I am going to market to the marketers themselves. They already have a business, so that means they are not afraid to invest and they are already motivated, because if they were not, they would not have a business in the first place. So if I give them what they want, we all win.

How do I do that you may ask, well.. whats the number one thing all marketers want? They want more sales and sign ups in there business, so I will show them how to get what they want. Remember there is allot of competition, so it will be a valuable asset to these marketers to learn how to market online, and thats where I come in.

Give your Audience what they want


Best Wishes,


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